Postwar Hawaii

My mother is from Hawaii so our visits to the island aren’t particularly exotic. That isn’t to say we don’t have fun, but a lot of time spent there is stuff like going to the library, taking my 90-year-old great aunt ‘marketing’ (as she calls it) in Chinatown, roasting and cracking macadamia nuts from my grandmother’s tree, avoiding termites that come out of the piano when you play it…that sort of stuff.

So one of the things that I love about Honolulu which I don’t hear people talk about a whole lot is its postwar International style architecture. Downtown is a sixties concrete lovefest.
This is the State Capitol Building (on Beretania, across from Iolani Palace).       

Department of Water and Power building (check out the pedestrian skybridge a la Disneyland monorail) 

And I’m not sure what building this is…Land Development & Resource Building, maybe.

If you’re planning on being in Honolulu sometime and like this sort of architecture, take a walk through the University of Hawaii at Manoa–they’ve got great stuff.

About Kim

I live in LA (LBC, baby), write, study, cook, and make things. I'm a crafter who likes antique stores. I'm a new mom, new homeowner, newlywed...And I am indeed on a shoestring budget.
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