Find My Bride Style…Really?

So last night had me taking quizzes. Bridal style quizzes online. That was before I smacked my forehead and thought, hello–you’re taking bridal style quizzes. Online.

The problem is, weddings are to a creative person like Disneyland is to an ADD kid: there’s just way, way too much visual stimuli. I feel like I really could have twenty weddings, all different in tone and style, not only love them all equally, but feel that they all represent me equally. I could do high-style loft minimalism, or elegant-rustic barnyard, or retro-picnic fete, or…So there I was, 10pm at night, taking bridal style quizzes because I can’t figure out what I want.

Compounding this is the fact that we have to decide on a venue and we have some pretty staunch requirements: a) inside and outside spaces b) a somewhat raw space so I can DIY it up (no hotel ballrooms, no “tuscan floral wonders,” no reception/banquet halls) c) can accommodate about 100 people d) no required/preferred caterers e) cheap*

*…did I mention that we’re trying to keep this whole thing at about $5000? Surprise.

Finding such a place in LA is not impossible and you do get a variety. Which is a bit of a problem. So we’ve got some beautiful white-walled galleries on the list, some private homes, and some campsites. And therein lies the problem: the venue dictates the decor style. So if it were in a white-walled gallery, that would call for something more chic than say, a campsite wedding. And then come the questions: who am I? Am I a modern-minimal bride? Am I rockabilly bride? Am I vintage bride? Sigh. So here I am blogging about it in the hopes that post by post, some sort of cohesiveness will emerge.

It’s a bit of a tall order, considering I can’t even decide on which calligraphy to do. And that’s on something people are gonna throw away.


About Kim

I live in LA (LBC, baby), write, study, cook, and make things. I'm a crafter who likes antique stores. I'm a new mom, new homeowner, newlywed...And I am indeed on a shoestring budget.
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One Response to Find My Bride Style…Really?

  1. Point well taken. I am a full time event planner and can appreciate your insight on the subject. Good luck.

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