Inspiration: Trader Joe’s

When I was a kid and Trader Joe’s was primarily a Southern California operation, they had a distinct graphic style that referenced turn-of-the-century engravings and ephemera. I remember, for example, their juice labels had lush drawings, almost like toille, depicting scenes–most of which had nothing to do with the actual product (a court scene for cherry cider?). Today, TJ’s has taken on a more contemporary look, but there are still touches to be found in its products that reference its stylistic past:

A tissue box,

their paper bags,

and of course, their flyer

I love this sort of antique-y look and the way that it brings a sort of lightheartedness to the products. I think it would make a good jumping-off point for a more casual, vintage-inspired wedding, particularly if there are references to circus or carnival.


About Kim

I live in LA (LBC, baby), write, study, cook, and make things. I'm a crafter who likes antique stores. I'm a new mom, new homeowner, newlywed...And I am indeed on a shoestring budget.
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One Response to Inspiration: Trader Joe’s

  1. katja bak says:

    really like that aesthetic.

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