Vintage Stamps: Vive la France!

In honor of my friend’s upcoming wedding next week in France (natch), this stamp vignette is French-themed–perfect for a destination wedding, a wedding with a Parisian flair, or for those of you who are just good ol’ Francophiles:

From L-R: (1957 Lafayette Bicentennial) Scott 1097; (French Alliance) Scott 1753; (Liotard) *part of a set of a bunch of different artists of different nationalities (and Liotard was technically Swiss-French, FYI) Scott 1530-37; (Lafayette Bicentennial) Scott 1716; (blue upper Lafayette, 1952) Scott 1010; (Matisse lower) Scott 1259

You could also add this French Revolution 45-cent stamp (Scott C120):

And this France stamp from the “Overcome Nations” series that was produced in 1943 (although being as such, it is therefore somewhat hard to find; Scott 915):

There is also a 6-cent Marquette stamp (Scott 1356), which is lovely in its own right, but it is green and somewhat outside of the whole tricolor idea that the rest of the French-themed stamps have. Still, you might look it up, just in case. Another option would be to look up Mary Cassatt–technically, Cassatt was an American, but she lived much of her adult life in France and her paintings are often categorized under French Impressionism. USPS has produced stamps commemorating Cassatt twice–a 5-cent stamp in 1966 (Scott 1322) and again in 2003 with a 37-cent stamp (Scott 3804-07).

For more on vintage stamps, see my old post on the Basics of Finding and Using Vintage Stamps.


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