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I live in LA (LBC, baby), write, study, cook, and make things. I'm a crafter who likes antique stores. I'm a new mom, new homeowner, newlywed...And I am indeed on a shoestring budget.

Vintage Stamps: Pink & Gold

I was writing a thank-you letter to my grandmother and put together this gray envelope with white calligraphy. Originally, it just had gold/yellow stamps, but I added in some pink and thought about how pretty and feminine a color combination … Continue reading

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Nothing like some juicy ruins to get your emo on. We drove out to Muttontown (which, despite that quaint moniker is quite the posh North Shore town–when you’ve got like, five equestrian centers in a two-mile radius, you’re not mutton … Continue reading

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Clichés of Wedding Photojournalism

Back in the seventies and eighties there was a photography convention that was all the rage. My future mother-in-law has pictures like these (unfortunately, I couldn’t procure them for the blog, so I’m using others’ examples)—perhaps your parents do too. … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Line Drawings

When it comes to 2D work, I find that people are either line or color people. It’s a stuffy distinction going way way back for centuries, but I think it’s true. NRM is a painting (color) person; me, I’m definitely a … Continue reading

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Wedding Reception Planning: Setbacks

This is one of those things that you know everyone else has gone through and to complain about it marks you as naive and pedestrian, but you can’t help thinking, Moi? Why me?? We went through what seemed like everywhere … Continue reading

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Best Design: Heath Ceramics

Nothing beats Heath. They’ve got the perfect blend of being traditional, modern, and unfussy–the sort of chic that is so because it’s unaware of its chicness. I’ve spent hours in their LA showroom and imagine that their Sausalito showroom and … Continue reading

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New Purchase

Breuer chairs, bought used from Housing Works thrift, about $30 per chair (x4). The same chairs my parents owned when I was a kid (sans arms back then, though)–the same chairs I ruined when I was a kid by standing … Continue reading

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