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Nothing like some juicy ruins to get your emo on. We drove out to Muttontown (which, despite that quaint moniker is quite the posh North Shore town–when you’ve got like, five equestrian centers in a two-mile radius, you’re not mutton … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Line Drawings

When it comes to 2D work, I find that people are either line or color people. It’s a stuffy distinction going way way back for centuries, but I think it’s true. NRM is a painting (color) person; me, I’m definitely a … Continue reading

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A Glow

I don’t know why I remember it this way, but years ago, on the Rue de Bouchers in Brussels, I recall the quality of light at dusk with all the little cafe lights strung between the buildings. I think I’m a … Continue reading

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North Carolina: Backyard Fireworks

Amy and Nate make excellent pyrotechnic sychronized swimmers. Jimmy and Jon are the support crew in the back.

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Friends in North Carolina

Care holds the baby… …And then I hold the baby.

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Boys Will Be Boys

Playing keep-away. Did I mention that their team names were “Sting Ray” and “Emo Mackerel”? And that those took serious discussion?

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Chop suey and Peking duck in the windows. The bakery. My dad likes to say Asians are not known for their desserts, but I always lunged for don-tart (an egg custard tart, to the left of the checkerboard thingy in … Continue reading

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