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Vintage Stamps: Pink & Gold

I was writing a thank-you letter to my grandmother and put together this gray envelope with white calligraphy. Originally, it just had gold/yellow stamps, but I added in some pink and thought about how pretty and feminine a color combination … Continue reading

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Clichés of Wedding Photojournalism

Back in the seventies and eighties there was a photography convention that was all the rage. My future mother-in-law has pictures like these (unfortunately, I couldn’t procure them for the blog, so I’m using others’ examples)—perhaps your parents do too. … Continue reading

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A Glow

I don’t know why I remember it this way, but years ago, on the Rue de Bouchers in Brussels, I recall the quality of light at dusk with all the little cafe lights strung between the buildings. I think I’m a … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Trader Joe’s

When I was a kid and Trader Joe’s was primarily a Southern California operation, they had a distinct graphic style that referenced turn-of-the-century engravings and ephemera. I remember, for example, their juice labels had lush drawings, almost like toille, depicting scenes–most … Continue reading

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Find My Bride Style…Really?

So last night had me taking quizzes. Bridal style quizzes online. That was before I smacked my forehead and thought, hello–you’re taking bridal style quizzes. Online. The problem is, weddings are to a creative person like Disneyland is to an … Continue reading

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